Fall 2024: 2:00-3:15 TuTh, Oct 31 – Dec 3.

This BCB module will be taught by Michael Love (he/him).

Contact: love [at] unc.edu, please include “724” in the subject line.

This module is designed to prepare students to be effective communicators of the results of analyses of biological and biomedical data. Students will learn methods for data assessment and exploratory data analysis (EDA), and how to visualize, write, and talk about data in contexts such as emails, reports, lab meetings, publications, and conference presentations. No technical or statistical background required for enrollment.


I seek to make the module content accessible to all students. Please reach out to me via ARS Hub if you have any accommodations needed for accessibility. This will send me an email. I will provide digital copies of all required reading. Aside from the first class, which will be a pre-recorded lecture, the rest of the classes will be in-person at 2004 Marsico, and typically involve discussion, breakout groups, and exchanging of student-created content (e.g. reading and critiquing content from other students).