Course information

1:25-3:10 MW

Dr. Rashid’s office hours: Wed 3:10-4pm (after class, via zoom)
Grader office hours: Mon 5:00-6:00 PM


Schedule and course notes

For Rmd files, go to the course repo and navigate the directories, or best of all to clone the repo and navigate within RStudio.

Week Topic Dir. HW HTML Title
Module 1 Sci. research
Jan 20 R code rpkg hw efficient Readable and efficient R code
Jan 25, 27 R package rpkg hw build Building an R package
document Documenting an R package
test Writing package tests
debug Debugging in R
Feb 1 C++ from R rpkg hw rcpp Calling C++ with Rcpp
Feb 3, Feb 8 Large data large hw datatable Working with data.table
sqlite Working with RSQLite
hdf5 Working with rhdf5
sparse Sparse data manipulation
Module 2 Optim. & Num. int.
Feb 10, 17, 22 General optim. optim hw optim General optimization
Feb 24, Mar 1 EM algorithm em hw em EM algorithm
Mar 3, 8 Numer. integration numint hw numint Numerical integration
Mar 10, 17, 22 General MCMC mcmc hw hw2 mcmc General MCMC
Mar 24 Advanced MCMC advmcmc hw advmcmc Advanced MCMC
Module 3 Mach. learning
Mar 29, 31, Apr 7 ML essentials ml hw essentials Machine learning essentials
Apr 12, 14 SVM, RF ml hw svm Support vector machines
rf Random forests
Apr 19, 21 NN, Projects ml nn Neural networks
Apr 26, 28 Projects,Wrap-up
May 3, 5 Wrap-up

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